It’s Been A While…NATIVE(X) Update

Just finished up my second to last semester as a student…sscccarrry, but kinda exciting! Between school work (Photography I, Pop Culture, Contemporary Controversies, Financial Statement Analysis, and Making a Difference by Design) and NATIVE(X), this semester has been a whirlwind of excitement, ups, downs, last minute problem sets, all-nighters, whiskey tastings at Stellas, late night dance parties at Pixel, and intense debates over whether Facebook or Google will take over the internet. Undoubtedly, one of the top highlights this semester has been playing with NATIVE(X) to see it transform from idea to reality. I say “play” when referring to NATIVE(X) “work”  because I see NATIVE(X) as a hobby where I can experiment with my ideas and interests. This experience has taught me the importance of hobbies and side projects. Life is just more enjoyable when I’m focusing on a project or creating something.  I can’t say it enough, but anyone can make their hobby or side project a viable career if they have confidence in their vision, perseverance, and experiment with and hone their idea on a small scale.

A little timeline on the NATIVE(X) scarf project with thanks in parenthesis:

  • August 19th-Ordered Scarves from Pendleton Woolen Mill Store
  • August 19th-Ordered labels from MKEngraving
  • September 15th-Mike from Design Contract Sewing assembled scarves and Labels
  • Sept 29th-Scarves received in Ithaca (Stacy, Rene, Mitch, Julie)
  • Oct 1st-Photo Shoot with Scarves and Skirts (Kerrie, Luke, Hannah, Tina, Amelia)
  • Oct 15th-Site Launched (Mike)
  • Oct 15th-First Scarf sold via eBay to a buyer in Japan
  • Oct 21st-First Scarf Sold via Etsy
  • Oct 23rd-First Scarf Sold via
  • Oct 26th-First wholesale order to Becky’s Pendleton in Coeur D’ Alene (Aunt Becky)
  • Nov 11th-Launched a Press Release to 250 bloggers (Kate Labeau)
  • Nov 15th-Site traffic peaked to 290 visitors, an all time high due to a feature (Nick)
  • Nov 19th-Christmas Shoot with Lovey and Santa (Tina)
  • Nov 29th-Cyber Monday Sale, Free Shipping, Free Returns, all scarves $20
  • Dec 6th-Received a record 16 orders largely because Jena from featured NATIVE(X)
  • Dec 9th-Casca Scarf Wrap Sold Out
  • Dec 13th-Dryden Scarf Wrap Sold Out
  • Dec 18th-Thurston Scarf Sold Out
  • Dec 20th is the last day that I can guarantee scarf orders to arrive before Christmas

NATIVE(X) sold scarves to customers in 11 different countries including:

  • United States
  • Portugal
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • England
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Canada

Now that it is winter break, scarf inventory is low, and I have some capital to work with, I’ll be starting to grow the core idea behind NATIVE(X). This phase of the project involves collaborating with local Pacific Coast Native American Artists to help tell their story and bring their work to a more accessible location online for a larger audience to enjoy.

This is new territory for me, but I’m doing my research and have a goal to have three different pieces of art on the website by mid-January. It’s not a significant number, but it is a start.

Check out some artwork that I like (let me know what you think):



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