Western Wedding Journey

Westward Ho!
My cousin Whitney White got married to Casey Hundt this weekend and I had the pleasure to join in on the celebration in Whitney’s hometown, Starbuck, Washington.

The trip started out with a delay, a missed flight connection, and a lovely sleepover in Newark airport. After 24 hours of travelling, I finally made it to Portland and was greeted by a beautiful Oregon summer day and my family waiting at the airport.

Starbuck, Washington is 300 miles north east of Portland up the Columbia River Gorge. The five hour drive requires a couple pit-stops, including one near the Bridge of the Gods where we stopped at a salmon stand operated by Yakima Nation member Myranda Blodgett. Yakima Nation, along with other Tribes have the legal right to ‘harvest salmon’ from the Columbia River as affirmed by United States vs. Washington.

Myranda’s family fishes 9 months out of the year and sells smoked salmon, salmon streaks, and whole salmon at this location. The steaks and whole salmon fetch $8 per pound which is a phenomenal deal considering that fresh salmon goes for $17 a pound in downtown Portland. I ended up purchasing a can of delicious smoked salmon. It went quick! Definitely some of the best smoked salmon I’ve ever had.

Myranda is a budding entrepreneur and hopes to start selling fish in Portland at Saturday market. Enjoy the slide show.


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