Welcome to NATIVE (X)–the premier online source for AUTHENTIC and AFFORDABLE Native American art!

NATIVE(X) officially launches today 8/9/2011. Welcome to the site!

We have an assortment of prints from Salish Artist, Todd Baker of Vancouver, BC and Gitxsan Artist, Nathaniel Wilkerson of Lynnwood, WA. We have been working with these artists for the past eight months so that you (the collector**) can enjoy an affordable, yet authentic Northwest Coast Art collection.  Todd and Nathaniel work with top Native American art galleries in the Pacific Northwest.

Besides the prints and art cards we have a small assortment of other products including a travel mug, bamboo box, and tee shirt all featuring a Native designed graphic. We are stoked about building this product assortment in the future, so tell us what you like.

If you aren’t familiar with the NATIVE(X) brand, take a look at the Our Story page or read below:

Native American Art: Fair + Authentic + Affordable. → The Way It Should Be.

NATIVE(X) is a lifestyle brand dedicated to Native American art, culture and tradition. Each item we sell highlights the artist’s story and their authentic Native American design.

As a company, we want to inspire people around the world to collect Native American art and appreciate Native American culture.

Our Story

started with a pair of shorts. What does Pendleton Wool + Chief Joseph pattern + one day-dreaming Oregonian in the summer of 2008 equal? One helluva weird idea! But I’ve learned that good things follow weird ideas. In fact, I live with a “weird is better” philosophy. Turns out I was right: my first pair sold out, and 24 soon followed shortly after, all equally successful.

But something was missing.

My goal was to inspire and encourage an appreciation of Native American art, yet no individual Native American was benefitting from these shorts, nor did they have any design input. This had to change. Today, NATIVE(X) works directly with artists, making them just as integral to the final product as their masterpieces themselves.

Our Philosophy

is simple. Everyone deserves credit for their style. Our products reflect artwork created by Native Americans, specifically in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Native Americans deserve credit for their artistic style→We give it.

Art should have a story→We tell it.

The same goes for our consumers:

Collectors deserve the best service→We offer it.

Collectors shouldn’t have to travel great distances to find great art→We ship it. (At no extra cost, of course)

Authentic Native Art feels right, and it is. Every step of the process reflects our respect for the entire production of each item-from its design to its marketing.

Keep an eye out for a weekly blog post from NATIVE(X). The posts will have various topics ranging from up-and-coming artists spotlights to how-to’s to contemporary Native issues. We will have an occasional guest blogger. Our first guest post will be from Jessica of Beyond Buckskin in the next couple weeks.

I’m very excited about the site launch and will continue to make NATIVE(X) a unique experience for collectors to explore Native culture and art. If you have suggestions or comments please email mac@nativex.com.

Enjoy the site!


**Everyone is a collector, you just gotta find it or reintroduce yourself to it. Kids collect things but adults sometimes lose the time. Make some time. And build a collection.

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