NATIVE (X): The Blog aka The Inside Scoop


NATIVE (X): The Blog aka The Inside Scoop

If you’re reading this, then hopefully you like what we are doing so much that you want to learn even MORE about NATIVE(X) and the main idea we are trying to get out there: Native American culture deserves a permanent seat under the spotlight.

So, how do we do that? Besides supporting our great collection of fair + authentic + affordable Native American art in the form of prints, household goods, and clothing, you can learn more about this fascinating culture by reading this blog. Team members of NATIVE(X) will take turns writing. Guest posts by artists will also be included in the blog, and even a couple words every now and then from Mac Bishop in a feature entitled Mac’s Mind where you can roam around his weird, but good brain.

Here’s a rundown of what we hope to provide you. Thanks for reading, and as always, ideas, comments & criticism remain welcome. Send it along to
Now, here are our future goodies:

  • NATIVE(X) Academy: A simple how-to tutorial explaining how NATIVE(X) fits into your life. This will range from tips on framing options, to explaining differences between serigraphs and digital prints.
  • History: A look back at Native American culture, explored through visits to museums (past and upcoming exhibitions) and recommendations for relevant literature, film and music.
  • Contemporary Native American Culture: There’s more to Native American culture than that which fills your 10th grade History class’s textbooks. In fact, nowadays, more than ever are we seeing references to Native American lifestyle and traditions in pop culture. In this section, we’ll give you the skinny on the latest examples of Native influence.
  • Artist Spotlight: Artists give you the low-down on what they are doing with NATIVE(X) and explain just what their work signifies.
  • Food & Dining: Our works look so good you could eat them? Save yourself the stomachache and learn about the influences Native American cuisine has made on eating habits around the world. Recipes for Native American culinary creations, and reviews of restaurants and festivals featuring Native American dishes will also be featured.
  • Sustainability: Working with the land, rather than exploiting it has long been a tradition of Native American culture. We’ll share with you just how the first settlers were the brains behind the “green” lifestyle and show you how this group continues to respect the land.
  • Mac’s Mind: A peak into the founder’s thoughts. Mac Bishop gets real and spills his mind on the latest trends, what is next for NATIVE(X) and personal musings.
Want to see something else, or want to write a guest post yourself? Holler at us at


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