What we’re working on.

We have some goals at NATIVE(X). Some may be reached, others may not, but hell we are going to give em all a shot.

Here are a few of our initiatives:

1. Build awareness around Native culture, and correct common misconceptions. For instance, “Navajo” isn’t simply a term to describe a tribal-esque fashion trend. On the contrary,
Navajo refers to the largest federally-recognized Native American tribe in the United States.

2. Partner with Native organizations. This is a top priority for 2012. NATIVE(X) is a business with a social core…

We sell authentic art and native designs that benefit emerging artists. We want to take this a step further and partner with a Native non-profit to raise awareness about Native culture and do good on reservation communities. Here are some organizations we have our eye on:

National Relief Charity
Straight from the NRC website-“Most Americans are unaware of the true conditions that exist on the reservations. The Native American people we serve are strong in tradition and values. They are a revered part of the American culture, yet many of their basic human needs go unmet. That’s why NRC feels a responsibility to be there for them.”

Futures for Children
‘For over four decades, Futures for Children has encouraged American Indian students to graduate high school and pursue a post-secondary education. Unfortunately, the high school graduation rate for American Indian students is one of the lowest in the nation. The numbers can be overwhelming and staggering, but we believe that one-by-one we can help change the lives of thousands of American Indian children.’

Crow’s Shadow Art Institute
Last summer, I met with Melissa Bob, interim executive director and Pat Walters, president to discuss some ideas around developing young artists among the three local tribes that comprise the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla (Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla) Hopefully we can get something in the works for next year. From their website: Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing opportunities for Native Americans through artistic development. With an emphasis on contemporary, fine-art printmaking, we also function as a venue to practice traditional Native American art practices — weaving, bead working and regalia making — of the Plateau region.’

It’d be great to partner with all three organizations, but in reality, we’ll probably only work with one. Let us know which one you want us to partner with, and why by contacting us at mac@nativex.com or commenting here on this blog.

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