HISTORY: Free museum events & A Brief Intro from Sara H.

Before you get your very first HISTORY post, maybe I should introduce myself.

My name is Sara, pleasure to meet ya! When I met Mac and heard about NATIVE(X) back in the states, I thought…this is pretty darn cool. As someone interested in indigenous culture and a big fan of the arts, I support the mission to promote Native art & raise awareness about a group many know little about…despite Native influences being all around us–sometimes even in our very own backyard! While my focus has mainly been on Latin America, this great project has opened my eyes to study native cultures within my own country, too. The result so far has been a blast. You may see a post or two from me every now and then, as I write to you from the hot and sticky city of Guayaquil, Ecuador…did the Native Latin America post give me away? What can I say? We’re going global with this!

Before I left the country though, Mac and I (seperately and jointly) got our HISTORY on by swinging by American Indian museums in New York and Washington, DC, respectively…


Check out this video Mac nabbed in August 2011 of the Water Maiden Dance, a unique, traditional dance pertaining to the Hopi Indian Nation of NE Arizona. The dance was performed by The Hooyapi Dance group of Songoopavi Kitsoki (village):

Hopi Indian Nation presents Water Maiden Dance

This event was FREE and FUN--a perfect combo for some wholesome cultural exposure.


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