HISTORY: DC Chillin’, Native Style

This poem seems to capture what both the American Indian Museum, and NATIVE(X) hold to be true:tell a story and pass it along!

History #2: Freebie Museum Visits continue…

Over Labor Day weekend, Mac and I trekked down one gray Monday morning to the American Indian Museum in Washington, DC and were thrilled to see an array of Native American artifacts from numerous tribes.

Brazilian artifact






The museum just opened a few years ago, and is a welcome addition to the numerous free DC museums. In addition to a fantastic collection spread out over this large, spiral-shaped building,  there is a really fun food court (see post in our Food & Dining section for details) where you can taste meals from various Native groups of the world. Check out these photos from our visit!

Mac spots some Pacific NW art and is immediately drawn to it. Rep your geographical zone!


Raven Steals the Moon by Ed Archie Noise Cat (Salish)

Raven Steals the Sun by Preston Singletary (Tlingit)
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