FOOD & DINING: And you thought we only talked about art…

Coincidence that I sit down to write a post about food while my stomach is rumbling? Yep. In fact, perhaps it will allow me to channel my taste buds and better describe the morsels Mac and I chomped on this past September at the American Indian Museum’s Mitsitam Café in Washington, DC.

The key to someone’s heart is through their stomach, my family claims. So, in an effort to truly open our hearts (and minds) to Native culture, Mac and I sampled dishes from various tribes found around the world. The café, much like the museum itself, is set up in a spiral circle, inviting patrons to walk around the space and check out each featured group before breaking with the intended circular route and making ones way towards the cashier. A wide variety of locations are featured–from the North American  Great Plains to Mesoamerica.

Grab a spoon and get to chomping! Display at American Indian Museum in D.C. Photo credit: Mac Bishop.

Mac and I each dove into servings of Indian tacos.
Indian Taco (photo downloaded from
We also split an order of thick, doughy fry
bread--a common staple enjoyed by many tribes nowadays, but initially originating with the Navajo.

Our meal was a good sneak preview of the diverse, authentic displays of Native
American culture the museum has to offer, and was adequately priced. All in all, it was a gastronomical peak into Native culture–my first!–and one I wouldn’t mind having again.
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