More About Mac

I’m not usually one to talk about myself…but if you’re on this site, you might be wondering who I am. Figured it’d be good to tell NATIVE(X) visitors a little bit more about the guy behind the brand. In a previous post I told you about my inspirations and mentors…now let me tell you a bit more about me. My name is Mac and these are the things I enjoy:

  • Making Things: Woodworking, digging bike trails, designing accessories, building websites, and the list goes on. Simply put, creating/building/making is a fulfilling experience. Example: After seeing the finished Wasco Tote bags, I had trouble getting to bed, I was so excited.
  • This is one stop shopping for all news relating to mountain biking. I can’t get through a day without looking at’s picture of the day. They’ve added professional photographers to their staff that choose and comment on each picture of the day.
  • Basketball, tennis, running: gotta do some sort of physical activity each day. Feels good to work up a sweat and get outside.
  • 20× an affordable art site with incredible graphic design and leadership from Jen Beckman. I support getting into art–not just what you find here at NATIVE(X).
  • Dancing: Can’t resist a fun dance party.
  • Gardening: helping my parents with their garden and working to start my own rooftop garden in NYC. This fall I had some mean radishes a-growin.
  • And of course, chilling with the friends-anything from discovering new restaurants or breweries, playing sports, to watching the Portland Trailblazers and Oregon Ducks dominate.

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