Jessica Metcalfe Conversation and Blog Highlights

A couple weeks back, I had the chance to speak with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe of Beyond Buckskin (If you haven’t taken a look, its one of the top Native fashion blogs). She highlights Native designers and other topics relating to Native fashion.

Jessica is a Turtle Mountain Chippewa from North Dakota who recently earned her Ph.D. in American Indian Studies (focusing on art, literature, and education) from the University of Arizona. She is now a visiting professor at Arizona State’s teaching in their art history department.

Here are some of her most recent posts:

Activist artist Louie Gong teams up with Manitobah Mukluks to produce a special line of Northwest Coast-themed mukluks and moccasins.”

“Tyson captures images that radiate with an anticipatory energy that comes when you take a deep breath in just before something major is about to happen.”

Hailing from the Tahltan Nation, Alano Edzerza is currently based out of Vancouver, where he operates his gallery. He belongs to the Raven Clan, and the important bird features prominently in his artwork.”

Look for more highlights from Jessica’s blog.


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