Reel Injun

The perfect title for a film that examines how Natives have been portrayed in the cinema from the early black and white days to present era.
Neil sets out on a cross-country road trip in his’ rez car’ to interview  actors and film critics. Although the documentary mainly examines Hollywood from a Native’s perspective, Neil interviews both Natives and non-natives (I’m guessing you recognize the guy below).

The film focuses on the shift of Natives’ roles in cinema from a defeated spiritual- savage to a multi-dimensional culture with rich traditions and beliefs. (free thinking, unique, unobstructed, deep, multi-dimensional, rich)

Neil’s inspiration for the film started at a young age when he and his friends would  ironically root for the cowboys in the ‘Cowboy and Indian’ movies.

Find ‘Reel Injun’ on Netflix or Amazon

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