Santa Fe Indian Art Market

Acrylic paintings by Steven Paul Judd, Kiowa/Choctaw

NATIVE(X) traveled down to the Santa Fe Indian Market last week. If you haven’t explored the SW, book that trip NOW. It’s a region with incredible beauty and heritage.

60 mile drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

We landed in Albuquerque and drove to Santa Fe on Thursday the 16th. The market is on Saturday and Sunday, but if you don’t extend the trip, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The entire week before is filled with cultural events such as the Native Cinema Showcase, the State of Native Art Symposium, or a sneak peek of the show’s award winning art.

Is that snow? Nope, crazy hail storm

We did our research beforehand (big thanks to Jessica Metcalfe from Beyond Buckskin) and had a booked schedule from 9 to 7 every day.

Since so much happened in the four days I’m going to break it up into a few different posts, but here are some teaser photos:

“This stringing process is called a “ristra.” Hanging a ristra outside the front door of a house is said to bring the home good luck.” Directly from the Chili Pepper Institute. No joke, Google it.

Not sure what it was, but the New Mexico light was always epic.

A participant in the Native American Clothing Contest. He won his category and you can see why.

Flash Mob takes over Santa Fe Plaza

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