NATIVE(X) Wearable Art Workshop

I’m all messed up after last night’s redeye back to NYC, but I’m way too excited to delay this blog post. N(X) sponsored a three day art class hosted at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts, a non-profit aimed at providing opportunities for Native Americans through artistic development. Each art class participant experienced the entire process of screen-printing, starting with designing an image and ending with applying ink to tees. Participants completed the  “Wearable Art Workshop” (all the details) on Saturday afternoon leaving with their personalized tee and a supply of Christmas gifts for the family.

Our workshops teach. Yes, we give a physical product in the form of a tee-shirt,  but more importantly we teach a skill. Each N(X) workshop participant has the ability to create designs, burn screens, and ink tees on their own, without the need for future N(X) funding or instructing. That’s a sustainable model. We plan to sponsor more classes on the Umatilla Reservation and expand the concept to other reservations in 2013.

Thank you to Crow’s Shadow directors, Melissa Bob and Pat Walters for entertaining the concept and coordinating the class respectively! Rewind six months and that’s when we started discussing initial details. That’s over 150 days of planning that went into this class. We had no idea if community members would find the idea of screen printing appealing, but we ended up having to extend our 12 participant cap to 16 and start a wait list for next class.

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8 Responses to NATIVE(X) Wearable Art Workshop

  1. sheila tf says:

    The pictures on this post are terrific. The expressions on the participant’s faces are great…the concentration, the delight with their final products…nice work!

  2. Pat Walters says:

    How can we ever thank you, Mac! This Native(X) workshop was a huge success and we look forward to repeating the collaboration for many years to come! ~ Pat

    • macbishop says:

      Thanks Pat! What an incredible experience. Couldn’t have done it without Crow’s Shadow and your help. Thank you. Time to start planning the next class.

  3. Carolsue says:

    There are some fantastic products here!

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