Emails from N(X) fans

We love hearing from N(X) fans and occasionally share some of the  inspiring emails we receive. Being an entrepreneur is an emotional roller coaster and emails like these give us the courage and strength to go where others haven’t.  



My name is Lisa Casarez and I am an enrolled member from the Three Affiliated tribes in Western, ND.  I came across your website NATIVE(X) from the Huffington Post article on the No Doubt video. I think the [business] model you have for NATIVE(X) is extremely interesting.

I myself am a fine artist and I have done a couple of art workshops for children on my reservation, all at my own expense. I have been wanting to find a way to be able to combine my passion for art and my efforts to reach out to the youth on my reservations and reservations nearby. I was wondering how your model works? Are you a business? Or considered a non-profit?

I have taken a look at your website and I love it! Even if you are non-native, I am glad of all the work you are doing and honoring Native artists and native culture by working with them and creating something positive.

Thank you!


Dear Mac at NATIVE(X)

I’m writing to say, thank you for the work that you’ve undertaken.

I would like to know who the artist is for the piece, “Chief Seattle with the space needle in the background”

I’m a psychotherapist and artist (out of the need to release what others teach me and what the process teaches me). I’m intensely conscious of the need to approach the topic of sexual abuse and incest in our families on the northwest coast of british columbia–throughout the nation and continent.  How to do that is the challenge.  Traditionally we used what is called the “arts” to communicate things of great importance, that way it seeps into the cells of our collective being.

Thank you for the healing work you’re doing in a clear, clean, artistic way.

Patricia Vickers

I’m Ts’msyen (also Tsimshian)  from the village of Gitxaala on my father’s mother’s side and Heiltsuk on my father’s father’s side.  My mother’s parents were from England.  My ph.d. was in ancestral law and my dissertation can be found on-line Ayaawx (Ts’msyen ancestral law): the power of transformation.


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