N(X) Native American Heritage Month Interview Series: Whitney Minthorn

Whitney Minthorn is a fashion and beauty photographer living in Albuquerque, NM where he set up shop as Whitney Minthorn Photography. I interviewed Whitney about his career and where he wants to take his photography. Each week during the month of November, you can read these interviews on the NATIVE(X) blog. (Part four of a six part series.)

Mac: What’s your perspective on Native American heritage month?

Whitney: I usually don’t do too much for it, but I think it would be cool if it had more significance for everyone.

Mac: How do you think the month could create more awareness around Native culture and heritage?

Whitney:  I know there is a Facebook event going around called Rock Your Mocs with the goal to show people that Native Americans aren’t just a thing of the past, we are still here and thriving.

Mac: You’re selling some beaded mocassins right?

Whitney: Yep, take a look.

Mac: What else do you have going on?

Whitney: I have my job at the Olive Garden and I have my photography studio. It’s set up in my house with all the equipment. Lights, backdrop, and everything.

Mac: You are a humble guy Whitney. Your photos were just featured on the cover of Native Max, right?

Whitney: I’ve had two cover shots. My  most recent was of Mariah Watchman who was on America’s Next Top Model and is from Pendleton, OR. She has been modeling internationally since 16.

Mac: What other photography clients do you have?

Whitney: Mainly fashion and beauty photography. I took some shots for a lingerie designer who is promoting her work for the Santa Fe fashion week. It’s really big around here in November celebrating Native fashion during Native American heritage month. Take a look at Santafefashionweek.com and then I know Native Max magazine is having a Native fashion show in Flagstaff on the 10th.

Mac: In five years what are you going to be up to?

Whitney: As far as photography, I’m going to do more mainstream stuff. I’ll probably live in another city or maybe outside of the country. New York would be cool too.

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2 Responses to N(X) Native American Heritage Month Interview Series: Whitney Minthorn

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  2. Leslie Nelson, Sr. says:

    I’m proud to see our Native Artists becoming photographers with a burning desire to let loose that pent-up creativity and giving life and sustenance to our Native Culture and ending stereotypes.

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