Happy Holidays


The holidays are finally here and I’d like to wish you a joyous season of good laughs, tasty food, and festive traditions. Just like you, I’ll be spending more time with family and friends, but the holiday season is also a time for me to reflect on NATIVE(X) and share my appreciation for your support.

No small interaction goes unnoticed at NATIVE(X), and I’m grateful for each customer note (positive or negative), each Facebook like, each blog follow, and of course, each order. It’s through your involvement that I’m able to progress my vision of a marketplace for true Native American design.

In order to give this vision a chance, I moved into a closet in June, quit my marketing job at Unilever in October, and started working full time on NATIVE(X). As I sat in my cubicle at Unilever, my passion for the concept pulled at me and I wanted to make a greater impact in the world. Needless to say, I’ve had an entirely new lifestyle over the past two months, and there is no question that being an entrepreneur is an emotional roller coaster. This thought brings me back to you. NATIVE(X) visitors are a constant in my day and give me the courage to move forward with my vision. Thank you!


Mac Bishop

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