2012 Year In Review

2012 is over and its been a mad rush into 2013. So many exciting projects now that NATIVE(X) isn’t just a side hobby anymore–working with new artists, collaborating on a line of scarves (details coming soon), sponsoring art classes around the country, planning trips to art shows, and redesigning the online art gallery.

Last week I finally had the chance to run N(X)’s 2012 numbers. Looking at the numbers isn’t the most glamorous part of the business, but it’s the only quantitative tool for measuring and benchmarking success. Giving customers access to this information holds NATIVE(X) accountable and ensures that we are doing what we say. Businesses that do good can make a serious impact, but if there isn’t any transparency with their mission, then it’s just a marketing tactic.

Here’s the breakdown:Expenses


We started our sponsored art class program this year on the Umatilla Indian Reservation at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts. Much to my parents’ chagrin, this will go down as the class that gave me a good reason to quit my day job so that I could fly out for a long weekend, meet the kids, and attend the class. I had no idea what to expect or how many kids would attend, but Pat Walter, Vice President of Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts did an amazing job promoting the class to the community and lining up Kolin Craig, the instructor.




Word about this class got out in various Native communities and I started receiving emails from others interested in organizing classes. Now that there is enough interest, 2013 will be about replicating this model in other communities and figuring out how to make it sustainable. I’m realizing that everything has a price and the reality is that if NATIVE(X) doesn’t sell enough, then funding art classes will become more difficult. It’s always tempting to plan classes now, and sell later!

2013 Sneak Peak: We’ll be working with ten new artists and launching a line of scarves

4 (1) 5

3   1

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